I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.

—George Washington Carver

Welcome Home

Nature is home—the place of our hearts. It's where many of us go to nurture ourselves—to feel what we feel—and make ourselves whole.

At Nature of Heart we share free resources for relating the natural world around us to the dilemmas of daily life. This can sustain us through difficult times.

Types of Resources

You will find a simple process for connecting to nature at a deep level for personal transformation and healing. Explore obserflection, a combination of observation and reflection, which is strengthened by dialogue with oneself and others. Dialogue can take the form of writing in a journal and sharing your thoughts with friends.

As we think at the speed of nature, harvesting the meaning of our observations, new metaphors emerge for living a more peaceful, coherent life.

Natural Metaphors 

 If you wonder what this has to with just getting through the day—coping with chaos—look at the images on this page and consider the following metaphors in nature:

  • How does the above scene of people enjoying the outdoors pertain to personal and organizational breathing space? 
  • What does a sawed-off tree stump have to do with the hidden strength within us?
  • How does a crow, pecking at a dead fish enclosed in ice, inform us about life's barriers and our own persistence?

At Nature of Heart we move ecopsychology from principles to practice. Here's a link to the International Community for Ecopsychology.